Iced Tea: Experience the Exotic Flavours


Iced tea is a form of cold tea that has become increasingly popular over the past decades. It is a refreshing beverage that is great to drink in the summer heat. It is best enjoyed chilled or with iced. You get sweetened and unsweetened options along with a variety of flavours.

Although not a traditional way to serve tea, this tea gained widespread popularity in rural areas since the late 1980s with canned or bottled options. Many varieties of tea, including green tea, are available packaged and sold at cash and carry wholesalers, and most chain shops. Many families make their own iced tea by either adding lots of iced in a small amount of strong hot tea or by placing the hot tea in a fridge for a few hours. However, life has been simplified with ready-made bottled iced tea being available anywhere.

Herbal teas are popular because they have certain health benefits. While it is good for your body, they do tend to have an acquired taste. You can create your own flavour by adding some fruit for a new, exotic and exiting experience. It can be mixed with a variety of fruits such as lemons and limes, oranges, cherries, peaches, strawberries, or passion fruits.

You can add some herbs to your tea which will create a new exotic taste. Start with a natural flavour then add a herb such as ginger. This adds a unique flavour but also has an added health benefit. Other herbs that you could add include mint, rosemary or sage.

Some people enjoy adding edible flowers for a unique flavour. You could use chamomile, honeysuckle, jasmine, rose, lilac, lavender or violet. These flowers add a delectable aroma as well as a delicious flavour. If you are a bit more daring, you could use spices such as chai or cinnamon.

Iced tea comes in a variety of exotic flavours, such as citrus green, white tea with a raspberry flavour, diet white tea, black tea, mixed berry, and many other flavours.These iced teas are made by Nestle, Nestea, Lipton, Snapple, Ceylon and Fuze; which are all available at your local wholesaler in bulk or individually.

Nestea and Lipton are the most dominant brands currently, with lemon and peach flavours being the most popular variants. Lipton offers a number of non-carbonated options and a carbonated variety of Iced Tea Sparkling. These teas are available in glass or plastic bottles.


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