Feminization Hypnosis For Transgenders, Transsexual and Transvestite

Welcome and thank you for taking time to relax. Your body and mind will be grateful to you. “Thank you!”

Close your eyes and let the gentle, feminine voice of gratefulness spread in your body. Feel how it permeates your cells seeping into them more deeply with each breath.

Let your breathing get slower and deeper. Inhale and exhale. With each inhale, guide your breath to places of tension and hardness blocking the soft, smooth flow of energy in your body. Fill these places with air. Then, with each exhale, feel the tension leave your body. Feel all hardness dissolve. Feel your muscles relax into a comfortable heaviness, and enter a deep state of relaxation. I will now slowly count to three. On three, open your eyes and focus on a spot in front of you. A spot on the wall, the ceiling, a tree – whatever is in front of you, find a spot and direct your eyes at it. One – Two – Three. As you focus on your chosen spot, let your eyelids get heavier and heavier. Listen to them as they tell you what they want. Once again I will count to three. This time, Relax and close your eyes again. You will appreciate the relaxation this offers even more than the first time.

One – Two – Three.

Feel the comfortable heaviness in your eyes stretch to your cheeks, to your nose, to the back of your head, and throughout your face. Feel how every part of your face feels smooth and even as it enters a deep state of relaxation. “Deepener” Inhale and exhale. Allow your breathing to get slower and deeper. With each inhale, draw your breath to areas where hectic thoughts linger in your mind. With each exhale, breathe them out. Allow no tension, no thoughts, no feelings of guilt and stress to trouble you. It is important to take this time for yourself. This is your time. Nurture your soul. Rejuvenate your body. Relax. Remember: this is your time.

Learn how you can use your breath to achieve perfect health and happiness. Breathe out stress. Breathe in light. Breathe out pain. Breathe in warmth. Breathe out worries. Breathe in peace. Breathe out tension. Breathe in beauty. Once more, let me count to three. Open your eyes on three. One – Two – Three. Focus on the spot in front of you one more time. Feel how tiredness has sunk into your body. Feel your eyelids droop. Your eyelids are heavy. You want to close your eyes. Listen to your body. Relish the deep sense of calm you feel when you close your eyes. I will now count to ten. As I count, I will take you through the ten stages of relaxation. Keep breathing. With each breath, let the blessing of relaxation spread further in your body.

One. Feel the heavy substance of calm flood your shoulders.

Two. Feel it trickle down into your back.

Three. Feel the substance of calm flow and stretch to every part of your body.

Four. Feel the effect of this substance in your limbs.

Five. Feel it in your back and shoulders.

Six. Be aware of the comfortable weight, the powerful blessing of relaxation feeling completely at home in your body.

Seven. Sink into the ground beneath you. You are completely relaxed.

Eight. Feel a deep serenity rise from the essence of your being.

Nine. You have entered a deep state of serenity.

Ten. Within the heaviness of relaxation, your heart and mind are so light, they begin to float. Feel how your heart and mind unite. Your heart and mind have returned to their true state of existence and become one, floating peacefully inside your body.

You are in a dark room filled with clear, comfortable air. The room welcomes you with words of gratitude and wraps you in a gentle breeze of silk and velvet. You are an important guest here. This room allows you to re-invent yourself, to turn yourself into a perfect being. All changes you make in this room will manifest in your life. You are free to nurture new qualities in yourself. You may replace old habits with new ones and add more, healthy habits as you wish. You are free to change your attitude, reprogram your thoughts, your perspective, your emotions. Whatever transformation you wish to bring about, whatever change, big or small, this is the place to do it. Here in your subconscious, there will be nothing in your way. It will be easy.

Watch a warm, bright ray of light enter the room through a crack in the ceiling. Watch as is extends and casts a perfect circle on the floor. Watch how it glows, and sparkles, vibrating with a warm, golden shimmer. As you watch you suddenly realize that the light has come to illuminate you. Like a spotlight, its circle would stretch just far and wide enough to cover the expanse of your body if you decided to

step into it. It has descended from an unknown sky. It is shimmering and shining in your honor. It is longing to illuminate your beauty. Feel its relaxing warm beams bring a new, beautiful energy to the room.

This light can absorb, shape and mold new qualities and habits. This light allows you to transform your mind. Acknowledge its vibrant, golden beauty. Through this light you can re-shape the structure of your subconscious, the texture of your life. Whatever changes you desire in yourself, send your prayers to this light and it will shine and move with all its heavenly splendor to achieve them.

Focus on the first point you would like to change. Do you wish to enhance your beauty? Are you trying to erase anxiety from your mind? Whatever you decide, focus on your new self after the change has been realized, and send this energy into the light. Watch the light change. A change in color, in intensity and quality. Watch the reality of transformation sparkle through the light.

Move on to the next change. What else do you envision for your future self? A new habit? A different attitude? Focus on your new, changed self and send this energy into the light. Watch the second change affect the light, swirl its beams, fill it with deeper gold, and add new, radiant colors.

Envision more changes. Feel free to change whatever you have always wanted to change. Here, it will be easy. Here, you are at the source of your being, directly inserting your love and care. Give yourself the time and attention you need. Gaze at the beauty of this light, your light, and send the next thoughts of change into its heart. Watch the dance of beauty it causes in the stream of light. The colors, the glow, the warmth, and the beauty, all swirling and dancing joyfully. Take your time. What else do you desire for yourself? Give yourself beautiful eyes, healthy knees, strong muscles, flowing hair, and soft skin. Bless yourself with the strength of gratefulness and the beauty of independence. Send your energy into the light and watch it transform.

When you have completed your changes and sent all your new qualities, attitudes, feelings, thoughts, and features into the light, when you have watched every little change bring about new colors, textures, structures and movements in its heavenly sparkle, prepare to bathe in it.

Step closer to the light. Feel its warmth. Its blessings. Its healthy energy. Stretch out your hands towards the light and feel its impact on your hands. Is it warm? Is it pleasantly cool? Feel it flush away your pain and infuse you with new youth and love for yourself and the world. Feel its healing powers soak through the tips of your fingers and stretch towards your heart. Feel the familiarity of its beauty and warmth. Watch its glistening colors sparkle under your skin. Feel its magic suffuse you.

Prepare to step into the light. Prepare to receive this heavenly shower and immerse yourself in a healing, rejuvenating, transformative bath of light. Are you ready? Open your heart. Now, step forward into the light. Already, it is pouring into you, merging its creative energy with your body, illuminating your mind, befriending your soul. Feel it stretch deep down to the roots of your consciousness and pour into the most distant corners of your subconscious.

Whatever changes you have implemented are pouring into your being with their many vibrant colors and frequencies of light. Feel them send waves of freshness and renewal through your body. Feel how each color, each new attitude, each new particle of beauty you have added seeps into your body and fills your heart with a deep, grateful joy. Let your heart, body, and mind absorb the changes. Let the healing, transformative light wash away your pain, your negative emotions, all the blemishes in your body and mind you came to fix. Watch the colors enter and feel their power work their magic inside you. As the colors send waves through your body and merge with it, feel them pass through the many layers of your mind with ease. Feel them clear and transform your mind from the innermost core of its subconscious to the edges of your consciousness into a new control tower that will allow you to live a life filled with beauty, harmony, and peace.

As the colors and their many qualities have taken root in your innermost core, reflect on the change you have gone through. As you remember all the different aspects of this significant change, you will find a mirror inside your mind showing you the changes. This is your subconscious, reflecting back to you what you have taught it. Watch how your subconscious, the innermost control center of your being, has accepted these changes as truths and is now firmly programmed to allow you the life you have always imagined. Feel how the colors are still sparkling inside you.

The colors and the changes they have brought have become part of you. Feel the beauty of the change you have achieved. Feel the beautiful rainbow inside you shine throughout your core, and far into the outside world. Feel sure of the change inside you.

Savor this feeling of knowing you have finally become what you have always dreamed of. Trust the big change and acknowledge it with gratefulness and happiness. You feel confident. You are now ready to face a world that is awaiting your new self, a world ready to change according to your transformation. As you feel this confidence, this certainty, gratefully wave goodbye to the fireworks of colors dancing in your body. Feel them brighten, lighten, and gradually dance away, leaving your body and mind in a state of divine serenity and complete relaxation.

After your life-changing journey, the time has now come to return to your body, to your consciousness, to your new sparkling self. Inhale. Exhale. Pay attention to your breathing, this wonderful expression of life, and the opportunities it holds for you. With each exhale you can expel negative forces trying to settle in your body. With each inhale, you can welcome in new positive energy, light, and peace. I will now count to five. Notice how with each breath you feel more energized. When you arrive at the end of your journey, you may relax into a deep, rejuvenating sleep, or wake up with fresh energy inside the new self you have created and resume your activities as a new, vibrant, positive being. Do you prefer to drift off and go to sleep? Please take off your headphones and turn off the sound. Thank you for taking time to heal and rejuvenate yourself. Sleeping with this energy you have received from the universe you will feel fresh like a new born baby when you wake up. Would you like to be led back to wakefulness? Follow my counts. One -take an even deeper breath as you return to a more fast-paced state of being. Two – your senses stretch out into the world around you. Three – Feel your fingers touch the floor, a chair, or any object near you to re-connect with your surroundings. Four -give your surroundings a gentle, loving touch and remember that they will welcome you in the same loving way when you wake up. Five – Start your new existence with gratefulness. Say thank you. And now, open your eyes.

Source by Cheetu Jaisinghani