3 Of the Worst Product Refund Excuses Ever

Real Refund Requests You Couldn’t Make Up

You couldn’t make this stuff up. Yes. These are all real refund requests I got from real people. Read them and weep:

Request #1

“I accidentally bought this when I was drunk Saturday night. I don’t have a need for this product. Thanks.”

Hey, Barman Can You Refund the Beer I Bought Last Night?

So I’m thinking this guy bought and paid for a lot of alcohol on Saturday night, as well as my course. Imagine if he turned up at the bar where he got loaded and said to the bar tender: “Hey, buddy, about those beers you sold me last night. Turns out I didn’t really want them. Now, can I have my money back please?”

Request #2

“I was literally shocked to see the refunds emails from PayPal in my inbox. This is not what I want and I can HONESTLY say that I did not INTENTIONALLY send you a Refund and Cancel letter. I have the copy of the letter still in my “Draft” folder so I am at a loss as to how it got sent to you. I must have done it but without intent.”

A Ghost in the Machinery?

So, how on earth could that email have sent itself when the sender had no intent? I detect a strong odour of bovine excrement. Or is it a ghost in the machinery? If the sender didn’t send the email and no-one else had access to his email, then some paranormal hacker must be to blame.

I Forgot To Send Your Refund

Now if I were to forget to refund my commission but not do so INTENTIONALLY, surely this customer would understand? I’m not advising this of course but I am just trying to understand the logic here.

Request #3

“Hi, can I get refund. I’m not satisfied because of too much talking. Sorry.”

Ah yes. I do hate it when I buy a marketing program only for the darned trainer to start talking and teaching and training. Who needs that, right?

So what’s the lesson here?

If you sell your own products, prepare to be met with a tidal-wave of silly refund excuses from some of your punters.

Let Someone Else Handle the Refunds

The easier money option? Just promote other people’s stuff as an affiliate instead, then you don’t have to deal with all this nonsense. This way you can make commissions and someone else will have to field the refund requests.

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