3 Tips For Coaching Players

Many of you high school and college coaches are at the end or near the end of your season, so I thought I would write a post on how you guys can finish strong and start getting ready for next year.

I think there are 3 things that can help you guys do this.

Check them out here and tell me what you think about them in the comment section.

1). Prioritize

Sit down with your seniors and make sure that they are set for where they are going to attend schools next year, also help them mentally prepare for it.

Hopefully they already have their tennis scholarships by this time, so sit them down and talk to them about how they can mentally prepare for playing at that next level.

After that, talk to your returning players and tell them what you want them to work on during the off-season and what you need from them next season, and give them a training schedule to work with. You may want to let them help you with their schedule, then that way, they will be more apt to do it.

2). Maximize

Maximize your time with your players and use this time to reconnect with them.

The season will be ending soon and you want them looking forward to next season.

Make every moment with them count for something empowering.

You need to be more positive than ever!!

With your seniors too.

Spend some extra time with them.

Doesn’t have to be about tennis either.

Be a good sounding board for them and the other players, also, be concerned about their home life and what is happening with them off the court.

It’s your job to empower them, by letting them know that, “You have faith in them”.

“Having faith in your players and them knowing that you have faith in them, is often all they will have to rely upon, until they can develop their own self-faith. “

Never forget this.

The main reason why kids go the wrong way is because, parents, coaches, and teachers, don’t practice this spiritual side of teaching enough.

3). Strategize

And the last thing.

Get with your assistant coaches and start coming up with strategies for next season.

Do your homework on the other teams in your conference and who they have coming back and coming into their programs.

Then figure out how you guys are going to play them.

All coaches much become “Strategic Warriors“, then imprint this same type of mindset on their players through constant internal teaching.

To get your players to become better strategists, ask question and let them figure out the answer for themselves and then, keep questioning them, keep probing them.

You and your coaching staff, need to have a solid game plan for every team that you will face next year and the earlier you start working on that plan, the more success your team is going to have against them.

Alright my fellow coaches.

Those are 3 tips for you guys to take away from this post.

The key to making them work for your team, is to do this every year.

That way you can improve on it, each year and get better at doing it.

Does that make sense?

Awesome then!!

Have a great season next year coach!!


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