All the Reasons Why Dominican Amber Is the Best Thing to Balance Your Mood

The origin of amber dates back to the 1940’s when the Dominican Republic marked the arrival of these exquisite beads. Amber beads and jewelry pieces rank amongst the world’s best accessories. While conventional metals such as gold and silver impart a special look to your appearance, it’s amber enhancing your overall beauty to a great extent.

Available in some of the stunning colors like orange, green, yellow, and brown, amber can prove to be the best companion for almost all outfits. It’s just that you have to choose the right shade and team it up with appropriate apparels.

Making your choice

It’s here that most of the buyers come across a highly interesting fact. The diversity in the variety of amber stones plays a vital role in influencing buyers’ choice. If you are planning to invest in Amber, you will surely wish to buy the stone that complements your dress, outfits, and mood. On that note, let’s take a look at what the leading amber dealers have in store for you!

1. Baltic or Dominican

Most of the buyers are in confusion while choosing between the types of amber stones. While the Baltic variety is easily available at the top amber dealerships, it is the Dominican amber which happens to be rare and exotic. While planning to purchase amber, it’s highly imperative to remember its importance.

You can’t find this precious stone in any brick-and-mortar jewelry stores. Natural and genuine amber is collected, refined, cultured, and sold by the leading sellers in the market. If you are thinking of buying amber, make sure you plan your purchase with the pioneering sellers.

2. What makes the Dominican variety special?

Although the Dominican variety seems to be a relatively new entrant in the market, it is riding quite high in popularity. With a soft texture and the presence of animal fossils, the Dominican variety is undoubtedly a class apart. Breeze through the following aspects as they reflect the special characteristics of the Dominican variety:

Age: Even if it’s relatively new, the blue Dominican variety owes its origin to the Cordillera Septentrional which dates back to some 30 to 40 million years in the past. It is undoubtedly a unique variety of the amber stone, which makes it the perfect accessory for several exquisite occasions.

The texture: Compared to its Baltic counterparts, the Dominican blue amber is softer and smoother. Quite naturally, these features impart a special appearance to the stone and make it a classy option in the jewelry market.

Insect imprints: Baltic amber also has insect imprints. But that’s almost 10 times lesser than the classic Dominican variety. There’s no denying the fact that insect fossils within the amber stone impart a quirky and gracious appearance to the stone. With the Dominican blue amber, you will have the opportunity to translate this quirkiness into your fashion statement.

Balancing your mood

With such special, exclusive, and unique characteristics, the Dominican blue variety will surely complement as well as balance your mood. Get in touch with leading sellers, and they will offer authentic Dominican amber stones.


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