Citizen Eco-Drive Watches – Driven by the Natural Energy

Citizen – the brand designs timepieces that change the style of watchmaking in terms of technology and functions. It has been successful in establishing a strong name in the field of watchmaking. The indomitable courage and impeccable designs have led the brand to challenge the innovation of time. This has been reflected through the creative collections of the brand. Eco-Drive is such a collection that eliminates the need for a battery to operate watches. The technology goes by the name of the collection that says – technology driven by the natural energy.

What is Eco-Drive?

Eco-Drive technology designed by the brand has the technology that converts both natural and artificial light into an energy source. The solar cell of the watches is responsible for storing that energy for keeping them in active mood always.

With these watches, the brand has maintained its social responsibility by protecting the environment from the pollution of the battery disposal. The record has shown that in North America only, over 10 million batteries are being diminished that rings the bell of danger to the environment.

Citizen has come up with the Eco-Drive collection in 1996 and since then it has been extending the collection with the new line of watches. Eco-Drive calibre 7878 was the first watch belonged to the collection and won the hearts of techno-lovers as soon as it was available in the market. As the technology is concerned, no one can beat the cutting edge innovation of the brand. The architecture and the advanced mechanics mingle together beautifully to enhance the fashion of the age.

The mechanism of the dial is transparent enough to pass the light to charge the solar cells mounted under the dial. As per the brand, these watches can stay in an active mood for 180 days without the need for charging the battery. The content talks about the most sought-after Eco-Drive models.

AT2144-54E – Combination of Advanced Mechanism and Sophisticated Looks:

The 43mm black dial has a glamorous appeal that reflects the aesthetic design of the brand – Citizen. The dial of the watch is accentuated with the three sub-dials. Added to this, the rose gold hands and indexes give this watch an eloquent look. The dial is rounded with a rose gold bezel and is attached with a two-tone strap. Through each detailing, it conveys handsome appeal that complements the men’s trend.

AU1060-51E – A Detail-free look appreciates your classic personality:

This watch strikes a different note of crafting as it comes up with a detail-free look. Simple things win the hearts, and so did this watch. The 40mm black dial has a minimalistic design that can be expressed through hands and the 12-hour index. The brand and the collection names are scripted beautifully on the dial. It has such an appeal that it embraces the wrists of men to give their personality an eye-catching look. Induced with a casual fashion, this watch accompanies you in get-togethers with friends.

BM7334-66L – The Blue Dial has innovation in it:

Since the timepiece is from the Eco-Drive Collection, you experience an advanced technology on your wrist. The 39mm blue dial is glamorised with rose gold hands and indexes. This timepiece is an expression of a minimalistic design. The dial has a date displaying window at 3 o’clock position. The golden bezel surrounds the dial beautifully. This watch is designed for men’s fashion.

The Eco-Drive watches are designed with magnificent technologies. They dare to beat the toughest challenge by inventing watches powered by natural energy.

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