Consistent Tennis In Match Play

To win more tennis matches you have to be consistent with your mental effort.

Competitive tennis players are inconsistent in match play, because they don’t focus on this enough in practice.

Don’t worry about your tennis game, because if you have been playing in tournaments for more than 3 years, your game isn’t the problem.

The real problem is your mental game or should I say the lack of one.

Don’t worry, I got your back!!

In this article I am going to teach you how to start playing more consistent in your matches and start winning more of them.

Fair enough, okay, let’s get into it information!!

In match play,

“The most important point, is always the next one. “

I would write that down somewhere too.

So, you have to play each point as hard as you can and then after you play it, breathe it away and focus on the next one.

This will help you get into the flow of the match and find your rhythm of play in it.

Next thing that you need to do is,

Learn and practice breath awareness.

This when you focus on your breath and you allow your thoughts to come and go as they please, you need to start doing this in practice too.

The one thing most tennis players don’t know and are never taught is that, “Their real power comes from their BREATH!!!

Notice when you are under pressure in a match, your breathing speeds up on you.

Then you end up rushing the shot or playing the point too fast.

But you can control your reaction, by controlling your breath before, during and after the point.

Last tip for consistent match play.

Never lose 2 points in a row, so if you lose the point, play the next point even harder. Now, if you do lose that second point, play the 3rd one like the match depends on it.

The great news for is that, “You won’t find that many opponents, who can play 3 solid points in row.

I’m sorry, the reason this is so important for you in match play is, because tennis is all about getting and finding your rhythm and flow. So, when you prevent your opponents from winning 2 points in a row, they will get frustrated and you will be in the flow with your own game.

Watch and study the pros, they use this same tactic in every match that they play in.

Which is why they are at the top of the ranking in the world.

In summary.

Practice breath awareness everyday and then in your practice matches, never lose 2 points in a row.

Those are 2 tips that can have you playing consistent tennis in your matches.

Oh and don’t let me forget to tell you.

Always give 100% mental effort in every match you play in.

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