Gear To Keep Your Soccer Playing Kid Safe

A good number of kids are able to identify their hobbies and talents early making it easy for them to shape their career paths. As a parent the best you can do is to help your child nurture those talents, but at the same time striking a balance with other areas of life that matter. Soccer is among the most loved sports among children. However, some parents get overly concerned about their kids playing because of potential injuries.

The good news, however about soccer is that most injuries are minor and major ones like concussions and broken bones are rare. But if you want to have peace of mind as your child enjoys the sport, you can put in measures to help protect them without necessarily limiting them from doing what they love most. With the right selection of play gear, you will be able to keep your young ones protected. Here are some of the best ways of ensuring they remain safe during play.

Soccer cleats

They are some of the most important items you can get for your kid. Kid soccer shoes are designed with safety in mind so falls and slips are minimized during play depending on the surface or ground. Apart from choosing cleats that are fitting for your child, ensure that they are laced up tightly every time or have other fastening features that are easier for the child to manage. Avoid soccer shoes that have screw-in cleats because they pose higher injury risks for the child. With so many kid soccer shoe options, you should find a pair that has all important safety and comfort features and also in a color that your child loves. Think durability too when purchasing the pair.

Soccer socks

They offer comfort, especially those that wick off moisture and sweat. When choosing socks remember to consider the shoes so you are able to choose a thickness and fabric that works in keeping your child most comfortable. Socks can go a long way in protecting your young one from blisters, but they can also contribute to them if not carefully selected. They also offer support for shin guards and therefore should be worn during play or practice. The socks should be snug enough so they do not keep running down and interfering with the concentration of the child during play.

Shin guards

Shin guards are very helpful in keeping lower leg injuries at bay. A shin guard works by molding to the shin and can end below the knee. When choosing the best to keep your child safe, ensure that they snugly fit around ankle bone. It is helpful that you carry the socks and cleats when you go out to get the shin guards so you are able to find the appropriate fit. The last thing you want is to put your child’s feet in more danger than protect them when getting gear you feel they need.

Other gear you can consider include padded shorts and pants, long sleeved jerseys and mouth guards.

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