Go Canada Go, What a Team of Canadian Athletes We Have at the 2014 Games!

Hey Canada…

What a rush! I don’t know about you but I’ve been glued to the T.V. as much as I can and been watching the heart pounding performances by our Canadian Olympic athletes at the Winter games in Sochi 2014. Our fellow Canadians are definitely bringing their “A” game to the table but it’s the degree of difficulty and speed at which these athletes perform. To me, I sometimes am looking away as a figure skater is being tossed in the air by her partner or a skiier zooms down the icey slopes with a couple of skis and two sticks as projectiles. I might as well be sitting in a dark movie theatre and watching a horror film. Sometimes I have to leave the room for a few seconds just to escape. I’m not sure if I’m worried about them taking a fall or just losing their position in the standings. Whatever it is it seems to be my weakness, but really, I can’t be the only one… can I?

Well anyway, as much as it scares me to watch, the athletes are well trained for this and showing the world that their dedication in years, money and lack of “fun” time has paid off. We’ve got a lot of medals so far but really all the Canadians who placed 4th or 20th or even those who caught some ice and lost their precious foothold in a decent standing are all champions. The other part of these athletes are their stories. From the two sisters who placed for gold and silver medals (and a third sister who was also in the event) to Alexandre Bilodeau who took his second gold Olympic medal in four years and showed his love both times for his brother who suffers from cerbral palsy stating that his brother is his inspiration and also his biggest fan. There are many other stories of our Canadian athletes that are giving it all they’ve got at the games but there is not the room to write about it here. I can tell you though that the one’s I’ve heard have been touching, warm and oh so Canadian. We’ve been given a glance of our future and the determination of the winners who are only in this arena of sports. There are so many other areas where young Canadians bring out their “A” game everyday and therefore I think Canada has a bright future. And with that in mind and as I still watch and wince at these terrific Olympic performances I am shouting out a loud and proud “Go Canada Go!”



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