How Do Tennis Champions Think?

Do you ever ask yourself as a tennis player, “What do the Champions think about all the time?”

Well. you should.

First though I want and I need to apologize to Lebron James, for questioning his heart after game 4 of the NBA Finals.

Okay, let’s get on with this article!!

Today, let’s talk about thinking like a tennis Champion.

True Champions create an image of themselves being successful and then they hold that same image in their minds all the time.

Their minds lead the way and their faith in themselves, followed that lead!!

“They did this by saturating their minds with mental pictures and images of them becoming a Champion, until their subconscious mind started accepting that messages.”

You are going to have to do the same thing yourself if you want to make that mental leap with your tennis game.

Here are a few warrior tips to think about every day as you start your own journey to success.

How can I become a better tennis player?

How can I become a better person?

How might I develop a better relationship with my coach and team-mates?

How can I improve my mental game today?

How can I start competing on a higher level?

How can I relax more under pressure?

And how can I improve on my ability to focus in practice better?

We could keep going on and on and adding to this tennis warrior checklist and you should keep adding to it daily.

And as you contemplate all of these questions to yourself in your quiet time, keep your tennis journal with you at all times and write down the ideas that come into your mind.

It’s like you want to get outside of your head and start looking at your mental game from the outside looking in.

You can start this warrior mental training today, but give yourself enough time, for it to start working for you.

By doing this every day, you will create a NEW THOUGHT pattern and break out of having the same old thoughts all the time, running around in your head!!

Which is what is really holding you back and keeping you in a slump.

This is how the tennis Champions think on a daily basis.

The key take away from this article is this,

If you want to become a tennis Champion, start modeling after them and stay congruent with their actions and thinking, until you start getting the same results as them.

The results will come, just trust in the process!!


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