Hunter Gatherer Marketers

I Don’t Feel Like Hunting Today

When we lived in caves, if we didn’t hunt or gather, we didn’t eat. The male of the species, in particular couldn’t just tell his betrothed that he didn’t feel like going hunting today, then pull the bearskin over his head and have a caveman duvet day

Is Picking This Low Hanging Fruit Unethical?

Nor could he have decided that chasing four-legged animals didn’t suit him any more. He couldn’t simply explain that he believed it was unethical or that gathering nuts, roots and low hanging fruit was opportunistic and against his principles. Before you could say sabre toothed tiger, his dearly beloved would have moved cave into the hairy arms of another Neanderthal who was happy to wield his spear and feed her family.

Affiliate Marketer Mowed Down by Madman

If affiliate marketers don’t market, then, guess what, for the most part, they don’t eat either. Recently, I was practising for a bicycle race when, out of nowhere, some guy smashed right into me in his truck. Scary biscuits. It felt like I had been trampled upon by a woolly mammoth. Needless to say, he is now facing the wrath of my lawyers (and their lawyers).

Generating Hands Free Affiliate Commissions

But it made me think. What would happen if I lost the use of both my hands permanently? Well actually not a lot. (In a monetary sense at least). Because I’m fortunate to be able to generate several hundred dollars in affiliate commissions every day, hands free. Can you?

A System to Hunt Down Commissions

You see, while affiliates don’t eat if they don’t sell and, as I mentioned, most marketers who don’t market, don’t bring home the bacon, that isn’t strictly true for me. The difference is that I have a system which brings in commissions for me virtually on automatic pilot. And that’s what you need to set up too.

What Happens if You Can’t Gather Those Commissions?

If, God forbid, something happened that meant you couldn’t leave your marketing shelter, or that some latter-day caveman crashed into you with his Flintstonemobile, what would you do? What would you, an affiliate marketer, do if you couldn’t market? How would you wallop those commissions over the head and then drag them home to your cave?

Here Come Your Commissions

The answer is, as I said, to have a virtually automated system in place that requires minimal input from you. Get this set up properly and your hunting and gathering days will be over, but your life won’t. In fact you will get your life back, since you won’t be spending your days tracking, killing and gathering commissions, you can choose to spend the day in your man (or woman) cave if you so wish.

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