Make Them Earn It

In match play, how many easy points do you give away to your opponent? The more you do, the more you are going to lose.

The first rule of match play for you should be, make them earn every point that they get and no, you don’t need to win every point in the match, that’s not important at all.

What you need to be focused on in all of your matches, is not giving away too many cheap points.

This is why after you lose a point, you need to play the next point even harder, now if you do lose that point too, fight more harder for the 3rd one and I bet you will win it.


Because you will never face that many tennis players in your career, who can play 3 solid points in a row, this is something that many players seem to never figure out in their playing days.

The key to playing solid tennis in your matches, is to never lose 2 points in a row.

Tennis is a game of timing and rhythm, then comes flow, so when you allow your opponent to win point after point on you, you allow them a chance to get into a rhythm on you and win the match.

Which brings us back to not giving away any cheap points.

There a few things that you can do, to make sure that this doesn’t happen to you again.

For example:

Never start a point, until you are mentally ready to play it.

Before every point, breathe deeply and picture how you want to play it out in your mind, then get in your ready stance and play it with focus and concentration.

After the point, breathe it away and refocus on the next one.

The other thing that you can do is…

Play each point as if, it maybe the last one of your career!!!

Yeah, that’s right, the last one of your career I said.

What a powerful mindset that is to play with in matches, wouldn’t you agree?

Think about that for a second?

This would have you playing with true intention and concentration, which will then help you play yourself into flow of the match.

It’s like, stepping up your mental game on every point and not looking back.

To be successful at tennis, you need to be playing in the moment.

Tennis players who get in slumps in matches, do so, because they allow one point to effect the way they play the next 3 points.

We all do it sometimes on court, but the thing is, when you do, have this mental breakdown, forget about it and refocus on the next point.

How about trying this match play strategy.

Also make this your playing theme.

“The next point, is always the most important point”.


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