No More Choking

We all choke at some point in our tennis careers, it comes with the game. The real problem for players is this though, how do you mentally deal with it?

Do you learn from it and move one or do you let that one match decide your whole tennis career.

This depends on the players mental toughness.

Tennis players need to learn that after you reach a certain level in this game and start competing, you will then be playing the mental game, not tennis.

Never think for a moment, that you are playing tennis when you start playing matches.

Tennis is all mental!

Here is an action tip for you.

Start using warrior meditation.

This is when you sit in a quiet place and relax your mind and body and focus on your breath, after your thoughts settle down, relive those moment again in your mind, but only this time, picture yourself winning the match, instead of choking.

Warrior meditation, is the only mental training method, that can help you recover from choking, because by doing it everyday, you will start reprogramming your subconscious mind for competition.

This is the main reason players get stuck in their careers, they are still reliving bad matches in their minds, so their mental game get’s stuck too.

The top tennis players have mastered how to play the mental game and that is why they never CHOKE!

Well, maybe a few!

So, after the match sit down and write down what happen, get it all down on paper. Then write down what you plan to do next time to avoid repeating it again, after that, start doing warrior meditation as much as you can.

We are all the player that we think we are, I see players out there just mentally out of it in their matches, because they haven’t learned this yet about the mental game.

Some other things to keep in mind.

Breath deeply and slow things down when you are under pressure, the goal when choking is to buy yourself enough time, to mentally recover.

More tennis players need to study the mental game.

So they can start playing it better.

Stay with it too and never take your mental game for granted.

Do something everyday to build up your self-image and then start acting like you are already the player that you want to be.

The real key to dealing with pressure, is to always put pressure on yourself to play your best tennis.

That way, you will always be ready for anything that happens to you on court.


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