Playing Tennis Points

Playing tennis points consistently requires that you practice playing every point with concentration and focus

“The power of concentration comes in when we master the ability to bring ourselves back to the moment on court, we will never be able to stay mentally in the moment all the time during play, but by learning how to catch ourselves and then refocus on the next point, will have start winning more points and of course winning more tennis matches.”

There is a start, a middle and an ending with all points, so let’s look at one a little deeper.

Never start a point until you have let go of the previous point, if you just played a long point, take more time and get your mind right before you play the next one or if it was a big point, win or lose, make sure you are mentally ready for the next one.

Will yourself to stay in the moment, because it’s easy to lose focus and lose your mental game under pressure, nerves and tension are always around the corner, just waiting for you.

Now, when you are ready for the next point, decide what you want to do mentally with the point, then adjust as the point starts.

The playing rule here is, cross court 80% of the time and hit the inside out forehand as much as possible on every point.

Use a lot of topspin and racket head speed, with plenty of net clearance. Keep that first step quick and smooth after your hop step,then try leaning in the direction you want to go and move in a natural way.

No cheap points.

Great players have the ability to work themselves into a point and then take charge of the point, the minute their opponent gives them something short.

The goal is the play the point as smooth as you can and be relaxed and focused, then let go of it and get ready for the next one.

The faster you can master this in practice, the better you will start playing points and winning them.

Top tennis players play every point as though it were their last one, meaning that every point is a BIG point for them mentally.

Novak is great at doing this in matches.

Also when finishing off a point, take your time, and don’t rush it, look to set yourself up, and put the ball away on the second shot.

Try to always be closing in on your opponent, this means you have to get your net game tight, but if you get the work in everyday, this shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Playing points is like any part of the game of tennis, you want to master it in practice, by playing each one as hard and as smart as you can.

Do it for a whole day at first, then try it for a week, after that, a month, then just watch how you are able to take your game to a whole new level!

Which should be your match play goal!


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