Rahul Dravid Bids Adieu

Rahul Dravid was the batting mainstay of Indian Test cricket since his arrival at the international scene in 1996. So after 16 years, when he said his grace and hightailed off the Test Cricket, bringing down the curtains on what was possible one of the most illustrious cricketer profiles there ever was, it’s needless to say, it has left the most strong willed of cricket fans tear eyed with a sense of profound loss.

Dravid profile had become synonymous with Indian cricket. To imagine a match without his judicious comments, stellar batting and his cool display of attitude, fills one with sadness akin to that of losing a dear friend.

A versatile player, Rahul Dravid statistics has a varied layering showcasing the multifaceted player that he is. He has once dabbled in wicket keeping, a few times in bowling and steadfastly in battling. Formidably and fondly nicknamed “the Wall”, he is without doubt, one of the greatest batsmen in cricketing history. He isn’t short of appraisals and Dravid profile is highlighted with numerous accolades and records. His impressive statistics are to be credited for the same. He was the recipient of the “Player of the Year” and the “Test Player of the Year” awards in 2004 at International Cricket Council ceremony. He is also the owner of a Padma Shri award- one of the most prestigious awards handed out in India. He has captained both the national Test Cricket and One Day International (ODI) cricket teams and has shown meticulous planning skills, batting skills, fielding skills, and leadership skills, all while maintaining a cool head throughout the game.

Even though he was dropped from the One Day International squad due to low strike rate, he bounced back, surprising even himself, at the ODI series held in England in 2011. That shows his resilience, a character desperately lacking in the present generation of cricketers. Dravid’s statistics is not one snort at; in fact Dravid profile is one that is a perfect blend of stamina, level headed judgement and technically sound and beautifully executed skills. So following India’s disappointing test tour of Australia, Rahul Dravid decide to call it an era and move on from the world of international and domestic first-class cricket. God knows, our cricketing statistics prove that we are in dire need of Dravid and his ilk but for now, we will have to move on, past the ‘Wall’ on to the road ahead, planting our hopes on the new vanguard of players defending India’s honour and glory.


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