Remove The Mental Blocks

“Your goal today, as a competitive tennis player, should be to find out what is standing in the way of you reaching your full potential and remove it. “

Because we all have mental blocks that we tend to carry around with us and we unconsciously hold on to them.

Listen up to this quote here.

Everything is energy and you are either pushing away what you do want or attracting it to yourself by the direction that your energy is flowing in at any particular moment.

That powerful statement there is from Matt Furey.

A guy who is a master at teaching people how to harness and direct their energy.

The statement is also true and it is affecting you as I write this article.

You need to copy that quote down and think deeply on it for a while.

Because the minute you get what that statement is all about, is the minute that you will start removing the mental blocks, that are preventing you from reaching your tennis goals and your full potential.

If you aren’t where you want to be, as a competitive tennis player at this moment.

It’s safe to say that,

“Something or someone is preventing you from doing it”.

Your first job is to find out what or who it is and then let him/her or it GO!

So you can get into the flow.

Want to start attracting what you want?


Find out what is in your way and release it and then your energy will start flowing for you again in minutes.


You must be more aware of your breathing at all times in the future, because your true power comes from your breath.

That means.

Learn how to breathe properly.

“Junior tennis players should be taught this at a younger age, so they can have enough time to master how to do it at will”.

Because what happening now is many create their own nervous energy on court and it affects their flow in matches.

Your job today is to do this.

Identify, what negative emotions, you are holding on to unconsciously or person and release it today, by writing it down(Get it all on paper) and then burn the paper.

Yes, burn these negative events and things out of your mind, once and for all.

Then spend all your time and energy on reaching your goals, so you don’t have time think about those things again!!

Do this today and you can turn your career around TODAY!


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