Stay Fit This Monsoon With Organic Products

The monsoon season has arrived. Eat right because your body is more prone to diseases right now. Whether you are going to have conventional food products or organic, you need to avoid those which may make you ill. Seasonal fruits like litchi must be avoided at this point of time especially because they may contain germs that grow due to sudden arrival of monsoon after summers.

Instead, we may start our day with herbal tea that keeps you from catching influenza. Apart from that, green tea is good for digestion. Although, vegetable or fruit juices should be avoided at this point of time, you must consume them immediately if you wish. Monsoon ailments are generally water-borne. Therefore, the first step to caution is hidden in water itself. So, it is better to drink boiled, purified or bottled water and not to put ice in your drinks. Other than that, avoid drinking buttermilk, juices and lemonades from streets.

Go Organic to Avoid Infections

Do not consume golas and kulfis in this season. Organically grown vegetable soups must be included in the diet as there is no idea better than to stay fit this monsoon with organic products. This keeps cold at bay while ensuring nutritional requirements and keeping you hydrated. If you are opting for herbal tea, you must take ginger tea daily. This prevents you from catching cold and lets you digest food easily.

Liquid and semi-solid food items should be avoided and dry stuff can be adopted instead. This reduces the possibility of finding bacteria in food that ultimately discourages infections. On the other hand, raw food items and natural juices from street vendors must be avoided. If you are craving for juice, it is advisable to prepare it yourself and consume.

Consume Poison-Free Food

Also, there is a fear of getting food poisoning from salmonella or E coli. So, we must take hot and well-cooked food and must throw away those edibles which have a different odour or shape. As soon as the monsoons start, mangoes and raw eggs must be avoided. Even the leafy vegetables are not recommended for consumption during this time owing to the presence of dirt, mud and worms.

Include seasonal fruits like apricots and cherries in your diet along with a whole lot of vegetables. To prevent your throat from turning sore this season, keep sipping lukewarm water for the entire day This helps in getting rid of the toxins accumulating in your body and get cleansed. Sipping organic or green tea can be preferred over anything else as it detoxifies our system and prevents us further from getting infected. It gives you a blemish-free and clear skin.


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