Top Dining at Top Restaurants in Delhi

Delhi is a melting pot of cultures. That said, it is also a melting pot of cuisines. The Afghans and Turks came to Delhi and brought their style of cooking to this capital of India. The Persians left behind their indelible mark on the cuisine landscape of Delhi. The Mughals and their mughlai cooking is still the hot favorite, it is so finger-lickin good that Macs and KFCs pale in comparison. The Sikhs and their foods, Kashmiri food, food from the North East, food from the South and, of course, food from all across the world is available in plenty. Delhi offers a huge confusion of choices. You can dine al fresco in the streets or you can select top restaurants in Delhi for your gastronomic voyage. You are in for a treat when you visit Delhi and wish to go and indulge yourself.

There is one good thing about dining at street stalls. You have plenty of variety, food is relatively cheap, it is made before your eyes and you can admire the street scenes as you eat. You are, so to speak, in the middle of bustling life. On the other hand, the heat, dust and noise may detract you. Dining inside one of the cool top restaurants in New Delhi gives you peace and quiet to enjoy the food, you receive the best services from attentive staff and, of course, you receive authentic food regardless of whether you choose Chinese or Pushtun or Oceanic. The very fact that there are hundreds of restaurants across the width and length of Delhi, and Delhi is by no means a small city, means you have plenty of choices in your locality and that the restaurants will do their best to give you the best dining experience in Delhi. When you talk of Delhi these days you consider not just the old city that abounds in traditional restaurants but NCR also and for those located in the NCR areas, there are bewildering choices when it comes to top restaurants in Delhi NCR. Prices are high of course, but, as in all other things, you get what you pay for. If you choose to dine at Tian, the Asian Cuisine Studio at ITC Maurya, you could end up paying Rs. 3000 for two plus taxes and tips. But then, what is cost when it comes to exquisite, original, melt in the mouth tasty cuisine?

You do not have to spend Rs. 3000; you can get by with a modest outlay of Rs. 1300 for two at the Soda Bottle Opener Wala, a fine Irani style restaurant in Gurgain, making it one of the best affordable and enjoyable top restaurant in Delhi NCR. Variety is the spice of life. So, if one day you fancy irani style food, the next day you may want something Chinese or Thai I which case you can flit over to SETZ at DLF mall in Vasant Kunj. If you want something filling at a quite nicely affordable price, why not try Okayish Momos at Jail Road in West Delhi? The dragol roll is said to be just scrumptious. If you are in Delhi and if you do not eat parathas that does not make you a foodie. So rise early and head for the paratha stalls for the quintessential Delhi food experience. You could choose to live in Delhi for the variety of foods alone.


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