Try the Knot of Your Favorite Diva With Your Own Custom Scarves

Scarves are some of the most beautiful and stylish accessories. No wonder, they are favorite accessories of women of all ages. They not only make a personal style statement but also protect the hair during heat, cold and rain. For some it might just make them look and feel younger. These are unisexual draping accessories which are used by men and women equally. However, women are much fonder of stoles because it redefines their style and takes it to another level. Wrapping a scarf around the neck or head provides a different dimension to an ensemble. It adds another perspective to an entire dress.

Custom scarves provide even more opportunity to experiment with design, fabric, print and also price. Yes, prices can go or down depending on the quality of pieces being created. To some women, it is the one thing they want to use with every dress. Each and every dress demands a different kind of styling and this piece of cloth is so versatile that it can adjust with any dress. However, there are various ways of tying a scarf. The way one ties it talks about one’s personality, style sense and also about her dream to make a mark for herself in the fashion scene. There is no woman on this earth who does not want to look great and be compared to a diva.

Some women draw their inspiration from their constant favorite while others adorn themselves by following their imagination and instinct. These factors contribute to myriad ways of tying scarves. Some of the styles are:

  • French Knot: This one appears sophisticated and French people completely admire it. It is simple yet stylish. It only requires one to fold the scarf into half and wrap it tightly around the neck. This style consists of double loop which is its uniqueness.
  • Knotted Necklace: This pattern looks interesting with elegant and classy looking stoles. It is not a funky style but a classic one. A little effort is required to tie it around the neck by wrapping around one end of the piece through the palm and then pulling it through the side knot. It appears great with pastel shaded attires.
  • Double Sided Twist: This is quite interesting and provides one the opportunity to display both the sides of single neckwear. There are pieces which carry two different colors on two sides and wrapping one side around the neck and letting the side fall freely over the chest creates a distinct style.
  • Scarf Wrap: One might be suffering from a fashion faux pas on a particular day or has come out with a torn out dress without noticing it. A shawl can cover up that goof up. One can simply wrap it on the body around the shoulders and be sorted.
  • The Necklace: The best suited neckwear for this design is a simple one with a solid color. As the name shows, the necklace wrap is easy yet stunning and can add glamour to a seemingly drab dress. It can also work the other way around. A simple stole which does not have much definition can be tied in the necklace form to cover up the neck and look chic.
  • Braided: This requires a longish piece. Crisscross the ends of the scarf and place them under the loop. Repeat this process until the cloth totally wraps the neck.

Such amazing and mind-boggling styles and designs can be achieved with scarves. It simply needs some dressing sense combined with imagination and of course comfort. Customize your own scarf and impress this world with your fashion sense.

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