Visualizing Your Tennis Game

How much do you practice visualization everyday?

The power of seeing yourself as already the tennis player that you want to become, is the key to success.

And you reaching your full potential as a player.

The thing is, we get what we focus on, so always picture yourself on court, playing great tennis.

Remember this too.

Whatever image that you have of yourself as a player, will determine your results in match play.

The thing about match play is,

We always get what we focus on, so when you focus on your failures and setbacks before matches, you end up losing the match.

Developing self-faith in your mental game takes time.

You will need to use positive self-talk and daily mental training.

Start by creating an image of the tennis player that you want to become in your mind today.

Then meditate on that image as much as you can throughout the day for the next few weeks.

Visualizing your game everyday will help you modify the poor image that you have already created unconsciously for yourself.

You have to see yourself playing in a new world in your mind, before you can play in it on court.

The best tennis players in the world, are always visualizing the type player that they want to become, by holding the image in their minds.

They control their thoughts and they never allow their thoughts to control them.

Most players live in the mental world of negativity on court and off it and their play reflects it, they struggle because they haven’t learn how to use mental training, to negate their negative thoughts.

This is also called a SLUMP!!

The more we visualize the player that we want to become with emotion and clarity, the quicker it will manifest for us on court.

I call this working with the mental law.

The best way to make visualizing work for you is to do it often and make sure the picture you are seeing is clear and vivid in your mental power will come, when you can feel this emotion internally.

Sit down today and do some image training for competition.

Meditate on that for a week.

Make sure that you do it today!

ACTION TIP – For the next 21 days visualize the player that you want to be before you play, and every time you think about your game.

You will be thanking me later for this!


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