What Is Zen Tennis?

Many of you have tennis players have already heard of Zen Tennis.

I know.

But have you ever really tried to play “Zen Tennis” on court?

Are you in a slump right now?

The main reason tennis players struggle, is because 90% of them have a negative image of their play in matches, so they get caught in this same negative mental cycle, that a lot of them never can get out of, so maybe this tennis tip will help them.

I call it, “Zen Tennis”.

“Zen tennis is taken from the same methods of Zen the Japanese Buddhist teaching, so it’s looking at the problem and not passing judgement at all, then letting it go and playing the next shot or point.”

You must practice this type of tennis for a few weeks, before you can do it.

Free yourself from thought and then play in the moment.

This is a mental state where all your real inner powers comes from, but because of your negative thinking, you will often cut yourself off from this power that you have.

Try to remember that.

“Every time you re-live a negative situation or event in your mind, you are imprinted it on your subconscious mind again. “

Today is a great day to stop doing it too.

The key is to acknowledge what happen to you and make sure you let it go right there and mentally move on, don’t carry this negative energy with you from point to point or match to match, because this will keep you struggling.

The sad truth is we all unconsciously create our own mental games, that’s really the secret that more players need to discover for themselves.

The tennis champions have found this out through self-discovery, and they focus all their energy on the players that they want to become.

They consciously create success for themselves, while other tennis players wait for someone to help them do it.

REALITY CHECK, nobody is coming to help YOU.

So, from today, don’t struggle with any part of your game, use visualization more to help you master how to get into the FLOW.

Don’t struggle when working on your mental game any more.

This can work for you, but focus on doing it everyday in practice.

Okay, no more struggling from today.

Get into the flow with your mental game through Zen Tennis, by working with the mental laws.

Everything starts from there!

Good luck my friend!!


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