Who Else Wants to Beat Amazon?

Everyone wants to steal Amazon’s throne, or so it seems.

It used to be only eBay who was after it, but social networking superstar Facebook recently rolled out Marketplace which allows users to buy and sell among themselves within the FB community.

The latest one to join the race is Walmart.

That good ol’ bricks-and-mortar store everybody loves for its very affordable goods has just announced its eCommerce plans for Q4 2016.

Walmart may not be a newbie to eCommerce, having joined the industry in 2001, but it remains far behind big marketplaces like eBay, Amazon and even Alibaba.

However, Walmart is confident that with a little touch of technology and additional warehouses it can surpass what Amazon has achieved.

After putting a whopping $3.3 billion into eCommerce start-up Jet.com last month, Walmart revealed that it is investing $11 billion in capital spending for fiscal year 2018 to expand its online sales.

Part of Walmart’s plan is to put up 10 warehouses to be able to accommodate online orders in a timely manner.

What’s more, it has successfully put together a new technology for automated product sorting and item tracking last year.

However, if you happen to be a Walmart Supercenter and Neighborhood Market regular, you ought to know that the giant retailer plans to cut down on its physical stores.

In 2018 only 35 new Supercenters and 20 new Neighborhood Markets are expected to rise; Walmart will focus on remodelling its old stores.

With all these serious preparations, Walmart seems determined to make a mark on eCommerce.

However, the question that remains is how are they going to fare to Amazon?

Let’s not forget that Amazon Prime currently has a total of 60 million customers and 40 warehouses in various locations.

And not so long ago, it launched a drone delivery system.

Now don’t you think that’s one tough act to beat?

Well, that’s just a hypothetical question which is not meant for Walmart to answer.

However, if the company could find this article and retaliate, it’ll probably say it has 11,528 stores worldwide which can speed up order fulfilment.

Aside from that, Walmart has a total of 15 eCommerce start-up acquisitions to boast since 2011.

One of those companies even paved the way for the establishment of the giant retailer’s Silicon Valley-based firm @WalmartLabs.

Guess Walmart has the wares for a head-to-head battle with Amazon after all, or does it?

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