Your Tennis Work Ethic

“To be a tennis warrior you have to develop the right work ethic on a daily basis, you should be always setting tennis goals for yourself, working on them and after achieving them, moving on to your next goal. “

This is what all the successful players do and have done, they worked hard all the time in practice, many tennis players work hard some of the time, but very few are able to go hard all of the time.

It’s all about getting a better FEEL for playing the game and that comes with more focused practice.

Your mind must stay on a upward trend.

The top tennis players have the best work ethics on tour!

To move up in the rankings, start giving more mental effort in practice and push yourself to stay focused throughout practice.

Keep this in mind.

When you develop the attitude to work hard all the time in practice and also have the right mindset to go with it, YOU will reach your full potential!

Like Les Brown says all the time, (It’s a done deal!”), by doing this you have already committed to your goals and dreams and nothings is going to stop you.

Success is simple, but it’s not easy, you have to get the vision and take consistent action towards your tennis goals, then it becomes not a matter of if you will reach your goals, but when you will reach them.

Pay the price and you are in my friend, or stay on the sideline.

Tennis is just like the game of life and we don’t want to lose this game either, this is a good time to take a relentless attitude towards reaching your goals!

I would like to know how hungry you are right now?

The great tennis legends have dedicated their whole lives to working hard for what they wanted, and being able to bounce back from failures, as quickly as possible.

You have to be mentally tougher than any of your opponents and it starts with developing the right work ethic, see, people are quick to say, he or she is just lucky, but the fact is, that player had to first put in the mental effort, then he/she got the results.

Cause and effect is always in action.

All I’m asking is that you don’t let anyone out work you in practice, keep giving the best that you can and having the vision for the ideal player that you want to become in mind, while doing it.

The price of success is?

You got it!

Work ethic!


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